For Sale by Owner Vs Agent

So you want to sell your own home and save the commission associated with hiring a real estate professional? Before deciding on such a course, consider the following factors that can significantly impact the success of a home sale:

    • Can you wait a year to sell your home?
    • Are you comfortable having open houses
    • Are you comfortable showing strangers your home?
    • Do you know how to price your home competitively?
    • What do you do when negotiations stall?
    • Do you know how to properly execute a real estate contract?
    • Do you know which lenders have the most competitive rates?
    • Do you know what a title company can and can’t do for you?
    • Do you know what an escrow agreement is?
    • Do you know what prorations are?
    • Does your home have lead-based paint?
    • Do you know a good home inspector?
    • Does your home have Chinese drywall or mold?
    • Do you know what disclosures are needed?


The statistical truth is real estate Agents get listings more exposure, sell homes at much higher average prices and sell houses faster than For Sale By Owner sellers.

The National Association of REALTORS® compiles the information contained in these graphics by conducting surveys of home buyers and sellers annually.

On average, a real estate Agent achieves a higher sale price than For Sale by Owner transactions.








On average, For Sale by Owner transactions take longer than Agent assisted transactions.








When considering such an important decision as the sale one of your biggest lifetime investments, the services and expertise of the right real estate professional can make the difference between a successful sale and just a sale!